This past week, while showing a million+ dollar home, I happened across a juvenile diamondback who had found his way into the prospective home.
While I’m glad no one was hurt, my happening across him was fortunate timing on my part, as it gave both myself and my clients pause to consider what needed to be done to protect their family and a learning experience for me to help me know suggestions for clients to avoid snakes in and around their homes.
Yesterday I called a pest control specialist who said mothballs and sulphur were the answer, but on investigating this solution, I found it was more likely to chase off your neighbors than snakes.

That being said, I did find a very informative site that gave plant selections for your flower bed that were natural deterrents as well as a solution that can be made at home to help.

I would rather share the site than to share bits of it, as there is a lot to be gleaned from it and I don’t want to limit anyone to my interpretation of it.

If this helps even one person it will have been worth the share. Thank you and have a wonderful day.