But as I’m reading down the pertinent news articles, I see that the recycle pick-up has gotten behind pretty much Frisco wide.

For nearly 3 weeks now there has been a hiccup of sorts in the pick up of recyclables…and when you’re in a town that pushes recycling the way Frisco does, trust me, it’s noticeable!!

Seems the root of the problem exists at CWD (community waste disposal) and that it’s a shortage of man power. So if you know of anyone who might be out of work and qualified (pretty sure you’d need CDL or similar) I’d be giving those friends a call!

Frisco is looking currently to switch from CWD to PWS (progressive waste solutions) but not because of this issue, the change was in the works prior to the current hiccup in the system.

Here’s hoping things get back to normal soon!