As I sit pondering my first blog and it’s possible audience, I struggle to know what my first topic should be. So I will begin by introducing myself.
My name is Amanda Wao, I am a Realtor with Waller Group Properties. I am closing in on finishing my first year as a realtor, and although it’s been a slow and rocky start, there is so much about this career path that excites me.
I am a mother of four wonderful kids. My oldest graduates high school a week from tomorrow. They are one of my driving forces in life.
Some of my passions and interests in life are my God, art, nature, photography, horses and the ocean. (Besides God, the rest fall in no particular order)
This Saturday, I will be taking on a new endeavor. I will be training as a volunteer at Manegait, who does equine therapy to assist the disabled. (Gives those who cannot walk the feel of walking, thereby increasing their well being.)
Tomorrow’s blog will hopefully be a little more interesting…until then, I hope you have a wonderful day.